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Study & Exam tips for AAT Assessments

Study & Exam tips for AAT Assessments

Study & Exam tips for AAT Assessments

Exam tips for AAT Assessments - London, Manchester, Opole

When studying for the AAT assessment, having a plan and good study tips can make all the difference. 

Firstly, setting a goal for when you want to complete your assessment will help you stay organized and motivated. Secondly, gathering your materials is essential to begin studying. Learning includes textbooks, notes, practice questions, and other items that could be useful during your studies.

Thirdly, creating a study schedule that works with your lifestyle and learning style is essential. 

Allocating enough time each day or week will help you stay on track throughout your studies. 

Additionally, breaking down complex topics into smaller parts helps make them easier to understand and remember come exam day. Studying in groups can also be beneficial as it allows peers to support each other while working through the material.

Below we present to you some tips regarding the AAT exams.

General Tips

  • Refrain from cramming lots of material into an exam at the last moment.
  • Use mind maps and mnemonics to help make the stored knowledge available.
  • When taking an exam, pay careful attention to the questions you come across. Just one word in a query could transform your outlook, so read through it more than once.
  • Exams can involve a great deal of stress. As a result, it’s recommended that you practice as many questions as possible to make yourself more comfortable and used to the time taken. The more you practice, the faster you will learn. Practising trial questions before the exam will make you accustomed to how questions are asked.
  • A person who can display knowledge of many subjects will be more likely to pass the test than someone who can only tell you a little about each broad topic.
  • Following the material thoroughly, we can use our knowledge to resolve questions through verbal or nonverbal communication.
  • Make up a story or practice answering questions over the syllabus, not just in the areas you like.
  • Remember to book your exams in advance at one of our three AAT exam centres in London, Manchester or Opole (Poland).

Practicing for AAT Assessment

  • Focus on working through as many different problem sets as possible. You should notice similar patterns and formats on these tests, which will likely enhance your confidence when you sit for the final AAT Assessment. We provide practice tests via the Osborne workbook.
  • Before your exam, be sure you are familiar with your calculator and wait to purchase a new one the day before. You ought to understand how to utilize all functions and, for example, the fastest way of computing a percentage. Consider purchasing a second identical calculator as a spare, as well.
    Only non-programmable calculators are allowed.
  • Scrutinize each question. Sounds reasonable, but some students look for questions they’re familiar with and read only the words at the top of the page, ignoring the specific requirements. The requirement usually at the end of the question should be read closely, and your question will be answered.
  • Ensure your practice analysis results are generally completed before the scheduled examination time.

Follow the necessary steps when reaching AAT exam room

  • Do not speak loudly when walking into an AAT assessment room, as you will thus be under examination conditions.
  • You must be comfortable while sitting at the machine allocated to the task. Change your seat, computer setting, monitor position, and keyboard setup until you are content with their performance.
  • Listen to the invigilator’s instructions. Ask the invigilator any questions you may have before the commencement of the test. Raise your hand to ask a question.
  • After completing the exam, ensure your “Submit” button has been pressed. All results are discovered in your AAT account. It can take from one to six weeks for the results to be displayed.

Are you ready for the AAT exam with Sepera College?

We wish you to take full advantage of the tips in this article to get higher on the exam. If you have more questions regarding these tips, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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