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Remote Invigilation (RI)

Remote Invigilation (RI)

Remote invigilation for selected AAT assessments

Remote AAT Exams – remote invigilation (RI) is where assessments are supervised online.

AAT lets students take their assessments at home or another secure location, such as the workplace. Students can take examinations at any time, and most are available for scheduling every day.

They allow real flexibility when completing your AAT qualifications.

AAT Exams available by remote invigilation

These are the exams currently accessible by remote invigilation and any due to being launched in the immediate future.

All the selected assessments remain subject to change at AAT’s sole discretion.

How does it work?

How do students access the assessment?

The student will follow these five steps to access and sit their exam.

  • Download & Install
    Download and install the PSI secure browser and Surpass Viewer software.
  • Open the PSI Secure Browser
    Enter your exam and personal details (remember to enter your keycode in the phone number field). Next, complete the ID photo, room scan and photo checks. You will then be shown an AAT webpage with a link to open Surpass Viewer.
  • Surpass Viewer Link
    Click on the Switch to Surpass Viewer link to open the assessment keycode screen within Surpass Viewer. If it does not work, ensure that you have Surpass Viewer installed. If it still does not work, open Surpass Viewer manually and enter the URL into the address bar –
  • Keycode
    Enter your keycode (the AAT team will have emailed this to you).
  • PSI Secure Browser Running in the Background
    When you take your exam, ensure that you keep the PSI secure browser running in the background. Only close it after you have submitted your assessment.

How to submit an incident report?

Students sitting remotely for AAT exams must submit an incident report after any issues have occurred. The submission should contain a detailed account of the issue. Its effects and how it was resolved if possible. 

Students are responsible for submitting their reports within one working day to Completed by anyone else will not be accepted as valid documentation. If further investigation is required to ensure fairness during examinations. 

AAT will consider this when their performance in the assessment is reviewed.

Download an incident report form (PDF)

If a student cannot submit their exam, issue a valid result instead of a void wherever possible. This is only where the invigilation video covers the full duration of the sitting until submission.

However, if the invigilation video has stopped partway through the assessment due to a drop in internet connectivity. AAT will void the attempt. AAT will also issue a credit note back to the scheduling exam centre to the value of AAT’s exam fee.

Remote AAT Exams are available for all students.


To maintain the validity and security of the Remote AAT Exams, students will not be allowed to take blank paper into the assessment. Only a single piece of paper containing the student’s keycode. They will not be able to access websites.

Students should download this Remote invigilation live assessment troubleshooting guide (PDF)They should also ensure that it’s on their PC and accessible from their desktop before starting their exam, so they can easily and quickly refer to it if needed.

Remote invigilation for Q2022

We will be making all Qualifications 2022 exams available via remote invigilation in a phased rollout from September 2023. We hope this will provide more excellent choices and flexibility for employers and our students in the United Kingdom and Poland.

There will be one unavailable unit at Level 3 – Management Accounting Techniques (MATS) for technical reasons. We will continue to investigate options for this.

Unit assessments will be made available as per the timetable listed below. As with all exams, the availability of any exam may vary at AAT’s discretion.

The AQ2016 units available via remote invigilation will remain until September 2023. Withal, no new units will be added in order to allow us to focus on making Q2022 exams available. The Level 2 End Point Assessment (in-tray test) will continue to be available via remote invigilation. We’re currently reviewing the remote invigilation options for EPAs at Levels 3 and 4. We will update you as soon as possible. Do you want to pursue your AAT exams but cannot make it to one of our exam centres? Don’t worry; we have the perfect solution! You can now take your accounting or bookkeeping exams at home. This opportunity gives you a convenient and accessible way to reach success.

How AAT Remote Invigilation exams help students achieve success

AAT Remote Invigilation eliminates the need to take time out of your daily routine or invest in extra costs. Such as travel expenses and childcare. This innovative exam system allows you to complete examinations from home without compromising safety standards. The examination is recorded via video and will be submitted for review by AAT assurance staff—making the process easier than ever!  Sepera College students have access to this game-changing, invigilated platform offered through a comprehensive booking service with AAT.

Once completed, it’s on to further progressions in learning!

How to book AAT remote invigilation?

To book remote invigilation, go to our exam booking forms, select the exams you would like to take, and add the remote invigilation option.

Once completed, it’s on to further progressions in learning! After that, our invigilation staff will contact you with other steps. Once all your details are confirmed, you can sit back and relax as we take care of the rest. Remote invigilation is a stress-free solution to exams, so consider it when booking your next exam session.

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