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AAT courses for free to those on Universal Credit or Job Seeker’s allowance

AAT courses for free to those on Universal Credit or Job Seeker’s allowance

Free education if you are on Universal Credit or job seeker's allowance

Discover How to Become an

AAT Accountant in the UK

with Government Funding:

A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you unemployed or claiming:

If you meet any of the above, you may be able to apply for government funding and may be able to get free education and free courses at Sepera College.

Sepera College is listed as an approved provider on the Jobcentre Plus Low Value Provider List. Individuals receiving Universal Credit or Job Seekers Allowance are advised to consult their Jobcentre Plus Work Coach if they are interested in pursuing AAT Courses and obtaining financial assistance for the program. 

Jobcentre Plus doesn’t guarantee the approval of LVP funding for its customers. They assess each case on its individual merits, and the decision to grant funding lies within their discretion. Please note this. Not all DWP customers are eligible for funding; everything depends on your financial situation.

Study advantages:

Step 1:

Contact with Sepera College

Make an appointment for a free phone consultation and you will also receive the cost of the course you choose to take with you to your work coach. Please use our Free Consultation form to make an appointment with our team, you can also call us or write to our email.

Once we have received an estimate cost for your study at Sepera College and discussed the details, you can proceed to step two.

Step 2:

Contact with your local job center

Contact your local Job Centre to arrange an appointment with a work coach. 

At the meeting you will receive an LVP (Low Volume Provision) application form, which you will complete together with your work coach, where you will have to complete information about what courses you want to take with us, what is their cost and provide other necessary information required by the Job Centre.

Step 3:

At the job centre meeting

  • Participation in the Course: Start date, duration, and course content
  • Payment by Job Centre of Costs
    • Course fees, book costs, examination fees, and AAT membership costs
  • Sepera College is Registered with LRB and LVP.
  • Courses at Sepera College Take Place in Polish and English language.

Please make sure to explain why you want to study with Sepera College and provide our quote to your work coach as a motivation for your interest.

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