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I've only just started the course but I'm already very pleased. Ewelina explained everything to me very well. Thanks again and highly recommend.

Alicja Sekara 13 January 2023

A friendly university for people willing to learn accounting, very attractive prices of courses and learning materials. Discounts on exams for members of the Sepery club. Competent teachers who are happy to answer your doubts and questions, even outside working hours. Accounting explained in a transparent and easy to understand way, even for people who had no contact with it before. The same applies to the examination center. Nice staff introduces a friendly atmosphere, a small exam room allows for better concentration.

Magda Romasz 23 December 2022

I made the right decision choosing the accounting course at Sepera College. Knowledge provided in a very understandable way, in case of any problems the lecturers will be happy to help. Educated staff of instructors makes it possible for us to quickly acquire knowledge that we can immediately apply at work. In addition, online courses are a great convenience for people from different parts of the country.

Ewelina Omasta 13 December 2022
Angelika Borkowska 9 December 2022

Such a great College! Welcoming atmosphere,so much help provided regarding your future career; a lot of talks, interviews, most successful people coming around and giving advices, taking applications! My course not only provides me with education I need for my future job but also gives me an overall wide view on accounting world! Recommend 10/10!

Angela Polak 9 August 2022

Sepera College is a unique project. The College is run by professionals endowed with great empathy. The sensitive staff is at the students' disposal at all times. Thanks to these exceptional people, the meanders of accounting will begin to light up my brain. I'm a humanist and I'm surprised that it slowly hits me. Thank you very much for being here, I recommend it, there is nothing to think about, just report it.


Comprehensive, approachable, professional. A fantastic opportunity to gain accountancy knowledge and qualifications. Excellent support and encouragement from tutors. Honestly, I can’t recommend Sepera College enough to anyone who is interested in AAT studies. I just wish I found Sepera College earlier...

Margaret Sadzynska 22 February 2022

Zapisałam się do Sepera College, ponieważ uważam, ze szkoła reprezentuje wysoki poziom i przede wszystkim ma wspaniała kadrę wykładowców- cudowna pani Dorotka, która w moich oczach jest najlepszym nauczycielem jakiego zdarzyło mi się do tej pory spotkać i korzystam głównie z jej wykładów. Szkołę poleciła mi znajoma i ja również ją polecam. Nie wyobrażam sobie dalszej nauki w innym miejscu, zwłaszcza, ze dopiero tu zaczęłam tak naprawdę rozumieć i zdobywać myślę, że wcale nie najgorsze osiągnięcia, co uważam że dodatkowo świadczy o wysokim poziomie jaki szkoła sobą i swoją kadrą reprezentuje. Każdy nowy student może poczuć się zaopiekowany aby w pełni rozwinąć swój potencjał. Serdecznie polecam 🙂

Izabela Cejnóg 8 December 2021

I would like to thank Sepera College for the excellent preparation of the course. Mrs. Dorota for great lectures and knowledge transfer. And Mrs. Wiola for nice and professional care during the exams.

Iwona Debska 22 March 2021
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Sepera College is an international AAT training provider offering training, exams and practical experience all in one place. 

We are based in London, Manchester and Opole – Poland.

Sepera College is an international AAT training provider offering training, exams and practical experience all in one place.

We are based in
London, Manchester and Opole – Poland.

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