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You can now apply for a student ID card

We have great news for you. From now on, you can order student cards from our college, thanks to which you can receive many discounts in many stores, restaurants, public transport, gyms, spas and more.

£26.00 per one student ID card

£52.00 £40.00 for 2 x student ID cards

Benefits of Having a Student ID Card

In United Kingdom is no age limit for student discounts!

Having a student ID card in the UK comes with a range of benefits that can significantly positively impact a student’s academic experience and daily life. Here are 11 advantages:

Our Sepera College student card is unique

This is not an ordinary card that only entitles you to student discounts. This card is programmed in NFC technology with access to your digital student ID card.

What does it mean?

If your or someone else’s device has the NFC function turned ON, when you bring the card close to his or your mobile, you are automatically redirected to your profile on our website, where the student digital ID card is located. You don’t need any special application just NFC functionality on your mobile. 

You can also save this link on your mobile, and if you forget to take your card with you, you can always have online access to your student ID Card.

Your data is not visible on the internet without your permission.

Each account is password-protected and not visible on Google unless you share the link. The password to your account is your student number, which is assigned by the college secretariat.

System requirements for supporting NFC cards

NFC cards work on all Android phones produced since 2014. It works on IOS phones (iPhones) if we have the appropriate updates recommended by Apple. 

How to set up or update the NFC software on your Apple phone can be found on the official Apple website. If the phone does not have the NFC function, it is possible to scan a QR code, which does exactly the same thing as the NFC.

What is the expiration date of my student ID card?

Your card is valid until your access to the course you purchased expires. 

For example, when purchasing the AAT LEVEL 3 – Diploma in Accounting course, you receive a card valid for 16 months from the moment you purchase the course on our online platform Sepera College.

Below are examples of validity periods for student ID cards.

AAT Business Skills:

  • AAT Level 1 – Award in Business Skills (6 months)

AAT Bookkeeping:

  • AAT Level 1 – Award in Bookkeeping (6 months)
  • AAT Level 2 – Certificate in Bookkeeping (12 months)
  • AAT Level 3 – Certificate in Bookkeeping (12 months)

AAT Accounting:

  • AAT Level 1 – Award in Business Skills & Bookkeeping (12 months)
  • AAT Level 2 – Certificate in Accounting (14 months)
  • AAT Level 3 – Diploma in Accounting (16 months)
  • AAT Level 4 – Diploma in Professional Accounting (18 months)
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