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3-DAY Challenge – starts on 11th September 2023

3-DAY Challenge – starts on 11th September 2023

3-DAY Challenge – starts on 11th September 2023



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Today we would like to tell you about the secrets of discovering accounting from scratch. 

This is a topic that may seem complicated, but we are sure that with the help of Sepera College you will be able to understand and master it. 

Ready? Here we go!

Secret #1: Understanding Basic Concepts

The first step on the road to behavioural science is to understand the basic concepts of accounting. Imagine that accounting is the language that businesses speak – you need to learn this language to be able to communicate with them. So what are these basic concepts?

  • Balance sheet – is a list of assets (property values) and liabilities (sources of financing) of the company. It is a kind of “photo” of the company’s economic situation.
  • Profit and loss account – is a statement of income and costs of the company over a certain period of time. This gives us information about the financial result of the company.
  • Main book – is a guide to the financial history of the company. This is where all financial operations and transactions are recorded so that we can follow how it develops.

Secret #2: Using modern tools

Did you know that there are many modern tools that can make your work in accounting easier? You no longer have to spend hours manually filling out paper documents. With software and apps, you can save time and simplify the process.

  • Accounting programs – these are tools that will help you run and analyse financial data. It is enough to enter the appropriate information and the program will perform the calculations and generate reports.
  • Mobile applications – these are portable solutions that allow you to access financial information anywhere and anytime. You can check balances, issue an invoice or book expenses without having to sit at your desk.

Secret #3: Reliability and attention to detail

Accounting requires accuracy and precision. Concepts such as a balance sheet or profit and loss statement sound complicated, but the key to success is an approach with attention to detail.

  • Check your data – errors can lead to false information and incorrect decisions. So check your entries and reports regularly to make sure everything is correct.
  • Remember about the deadlines – accounting also means meeting the deadlines for submitting reports and tax returns. Knowing these terms will help you avoid financial sanctions and legal problems.


Accounting from scratch is not so scary anymore, right? Understanding the basic concepts, using modern tools and attention to detail are the keys to success in this field. Rest assured it will get easier with practice.

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The 3-Day Challenge hosted by Malgorzata Plutecka after the 3-day challenge Certificate and prizes.

  • 11th September at 6.30 p.m. Artur
  • 13th September at 6.30 p.m. Jas
  • 20th September at 6.30 p.m. Iza
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