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What you need to know about AAT?

AAT is the Accounting Technicians Association. It has over 150,000 members in over 90 countries worldwide, and is UK’s largest specialist body of responsible staff. AAT is funded by the CIPFA, ICAEW, CIMA and ICAS, four major chartered accounting bodies in the UK. In the financial sector, the AAT Accounting Qualifier is highly respected and aims to give students any practical skills they need to pursue a career in finance. AAT standards are widely recognized and the prerequisites for several accounting positions are generally considered. These can be learned regardless of age, experience or previous credentials, so they are suitable for those with a serious accounting profession. AAT training has four main levels, ranging from the basic AAT Access Level 1 course to the more advanced Level 4 diploma.

AAT Level 1

It is a short course and the first step towards becoming a member of AAT. Once you have earned the credential AAT Access, you have opened the door of a wide range to accounts work. No qualifications, but applicants need to be 16 and older.

AAT Level 2

This course incorporates core competencies and concepts, including a double-entry system, trial balances and credit management, as the foundation process of AAT. To obtain this certification there are no requirements to complete Level 1. The Level 2 certification is similar to the GCSE level of study.

AAT Level 3

The intermediate phase of Level 3 AAT builds on the previous stage’s theory but focuses more on specific accounting tasks including formal accounts preparation. Once completion, the AAT Diploma in Accounting will be given to you. Level 3 is similar to the qualifications of credit Framework (QCF), A Level and it is a more advance course.

AAT Level 4

Level 4, the final and most advanced level of AAT, provides key skills such as budget management, financial analysis and financial reporting. After you have completed your AAT affiliate membership, you properly confirm your professional accounting skills. The qualification level 4 is equivalent to the qualification level of the HNC or the first year of the university degree of the QCF.

AAT can either choose to take them full-time or part-time from your own home or in a classroom, and online. It should take about six months and a year to complete each stage. The duration can be changed if you working within the accountancy industry.

Once you have achieved level 1 or level 2 you will receive £ 20,000 as a starting salary somewhere in the country if you working as a accounts clerk or finance officer. After completion of level 4, for jobs as the administrator, commercial analyst or account manager, the pay is much greater than £ 30,000 even the highest level is £ 50,000.

The higher the quality of your AAT certification, the better is your career growth. To begin your journey to become a qualified accountant, you can achieve this goal by obtaining an AAT certificate.

Wednesday February 5th, 2020


The AAT Accounting qualification provides the perfect pathway to a successful career in finance and accountancy. We are one of the UK’s leading AAT providers and offer students a unique mix of practical expertise with vital theoretical teaching. Whether you’re a school-leaver, re-training or returning to work, our courses offer the ideal route into accountancy.

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