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AAT Level 3 – Spreadsheets for Accounting – Module 6/6


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Spreadsheets for Accounting

This Advanced level unit is about using spreadsheets to accurately enter, analyse and present information so that informed accountancy judgements can be made. Accounting technicians need to use spreadsheets as it is important that financial information is accurately analysed and presented in an unambiguous way.

Spreadsheets are widely used within industry, commerce and practice, and a variety of spreadsheet packages are available specifically to assist with accounting roles (routine and one-off): Features of spreadsheet packages allow calculations, manipulation of data, analysis, budgeting, preparing financial statements, reporting, forecasting and decision making. The student will add value to their organisation if they are familiar with the underlying principles of such software and can use it competently within their workplace.

Completing this unit will allow students to apply these important skills to Advanced Bookkeeping, Final Accounts Preparation, Management Accounting: Costing and Indirect Tax. Students will be able to analyse data using their spreadsheet skills and then communicate the most important information to enable appropriate judgements to be made.

The objective of this unit is to equip students with sufficient skills and knowledge to enable them to select the correct information and then accurately input raw data into a spreadsheet. Students will be able to demonstrate their use of a range of skills to analyse this data in line with accountancy conventions. Skills such as the use of formulas, functions, data analysis tools, sorting and filtering will be vital within accountancy to enable students to perform complex calculations quickly and accurately. After analysis, the data needs to be comprehensively checked and then presented using a range of methods, for example as a structured spreadsheet with pivot tables and charts.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Design and structure appropriate spreadsheets to meet customer needs
  2. Use spreadsheet software to record, format and organise data
  3. Use relevant tools to manipulate and analyse data
  4. Use software tools to verify accuracy and protect data
  5. Use tools and techniques to prepare and report accounting information

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