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Advanced AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Bookkeeping Course is a continuation of the AAT Level 2 Foundation Course and is intended for people who want to expand their skills in Accounting and Finance through learning more advanced material and tax knowledge.

The goal of this qualification is to further develop the practices and processes studied at Levels 1 and 2 and enable candidates to register, interpret and transpose financial data into a final accounting format.

Who is the AAT Level 3 course for?


The AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Bookkeeping course is designed for people who:

– have completed a basic course in accounting and would like to develop their skills further,

– have already worked / are working in finance and would like to improve their level and obtain a certificate to confirm their professional competence,

– would like to become full members of the AAT Association.

When preparing these courses, we focused on overall comprehension with the easiest delivery methods of the material. Based on our training experience, we have built a level of knowledge focusing on the most common questions that former trainees have had in order to maximize the learning process.


Here are the main skills that you will acquire having completed this course:

– Ability to forecast and anticipate future loss projections.

– Ability to check the integrity of general ledger entries with all income and expense records.

– Ability to engage with others in an ethical and professional manner as an indispensable element in the work environment.

– Ability to analyse all financial discrepancies.

– Ability to interpret spreadsheets in order to manage information in the accounting environment.

The students’ task will be:

– Preparation of the final data of accounts for a single entrepreneur, partnership, non-profit company or organisation from conventional or incomplete documents.

– Preparation of the year end financials with adjustments relevant to the different organisations mentioned above.

– Demonstrate an understanding of bills / invoices through analysis and interpretation.

Extended Course Program

This Level 3 course consists of 6 modules:

– Indirect Tax

– Advanced Bookkeeping

– Final Accounts Preparation



After each completed module you will have to take the AAT exam in computer format – there are a total of 6 exams.

After successfully passing the exams you will receive an AAT Certificate – this authorizes you to work in accounting.

Being a member of Sepera College Club you will be able to pass these exams at a very attractive price!


The course will be completed with the award of an AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) Certificate.

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is an international organization founded in the United Kingdom which entitles the graduate to enter the professional field of Finance and Accounting.



Teaching method:


Online – after purchasing the course you have immediate access to the student panel, where you have complete availability to all the relevant materials. Each lesson contains video instruction materials and the necessary exercises in PDF format to which you have access 24 hours a day.


Do you have any questions?

Contact us:
tel. 0203 865 7964

Course Curriculum

AAT Level 3 00:00:00
Course Introduction
Osborn ebooks_1 00:00:00
Osborne ebooks Level 3 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping
Advanced Bookkeeping – Introduction 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Purpose of an Accounting System 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Books of Prime Entry 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Elements of Financial Statement 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Balancing Off Ledger Account 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – VAT 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Trial Balance 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Double entry bookkeeping and VAT 00:00:00
AVBK Session 1. Introduction (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 2. Extended Trial Balance (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 3. Accruals Prepayments (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 4. Depreciation of non-current assets (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 5. Irrecoverable debts and doubtful debts (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 6. Rules of Accounting. Capital transactions. (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 7. Capital transactions. Non-current asset register. (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 8. (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 9. The journal. Correction of errors. (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Final Accounts Preparation
FAPR Session 1. Framework and structures (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
FAPR Session 2. Incomplete records accounting (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
FAPR Session 3. Sole trader financial statements (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
FAPR Session 4. Partnership financial statements (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
FAPR Session 5 & 6. Changes in partnerships & Introduction to company financial statements (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
Final Accounts Preparation (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Indirect Tax
IDRX Session 1. Introduction to VAT (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
IDRX Session 2. VAT and business documents (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
IDRX Session 3. Inputs and outputs and special schemes (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AAT L.3 Indirect Tax session 4 00:00:00
AAT L.3 Indirect Tax session 5 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping - September 2018
AAT Level 3 – AVBK Session 1. Questions_and_Answers (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AAT Level 3 – AVBK Session 2. Questions and answers (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AAT L.3 Final Accounts Preparation Question and Answer September 2018 ( Artur Mager)
AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3) – Final Accounts Preparation (FAPR) Partnership changes ( Artur Mager) part 4 00:00:00
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The AAT Accounting qualification provides the perfect pathway to a successful career in finance and accountancy. We are one of the UK’s leading AAT providers and offer students a unique mix of practical expertise with vital theoretical teaching. Whether you’re a school-leaver, re-training or returning to work, our courses offer the ideal route into accountancy.

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