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The AAT Advanced Diploma in Bookkeeping offers technical training in accounting and is ideal for anyone wishing to pursue a career in accountancy and finance.

The purpose of the AAT Advanced Diploma in Bookkeeping is to provide students with the specialist knowledge and skills required for progressing either to employment in an accounting or finance role, or to enable progression to further study in accountancy and finance.


DURATION: 4 months


Course Content

The AAT Advanced Diploma in Bookkeeping covers a range of complex accounting tasks, including maintaining cost accounting records and the preparation of reports and returns. It comprises 3 mandatory units:

  • Advanced Bookkeeping
  • Final Accounts Preparation
  • Indirect Tax


Who Is This Course For

If you are already have some experience in accounting and are looking to further your career, the level 3 course will develop your skills to an advanced level, qualifying you for a senior or management level role in accounting.


Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the AAT level 3 course you will be qualified for jobs in accounting such as, Credit Controller, Accounts Officer or Assistant Accountant and will be able to take on more responsibility, earning up to £29,000.

You will be able to continue on to do the Level 4 Diploma, the final of the AAT accounting qualifications, you’d have gained the full skill set needed for Accounting.


How To Enrol

  • You can pay online now by clicking ‘Take this Course’ button above and proceed to the checkout.
  • Call us at  02038657964 to book a course over phone or visit the college for more information.
  • You can also book selected units and pay fee by unit at the start date of each unit, but it is cheaper to book the course in full.
  • You may also request a call back for more information.

Course Curriculum

Course introduction
Osborn ebooks_1 00:00:00
Osborne ebooks Level 3 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping (AQ2016)
Advanced Bookkeeping – Introduction 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Purpose of an Accounting System 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Books of Prime Entry 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Elements of Financial Statement 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Balancing Off Ledger Account 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – VAT 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Trial Balance 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping – Double entry bookkeeping and VAT 00:00:00
AVBK Session 1. Introduction (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 2. Extended Trial Balance (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 3. Accruals Prepayments (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 4. Depreciation of non-current assets (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 5. Irrecoverable debts and doubtful debts (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 6. Rules of Accounting. Capital transactions. (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 7. Capital transactions. Non-current asset register. (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 8. The journal. Correction of errors. (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AVBK Session 8. The journal. Correction of errors. (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
Advanced Bookkeeping (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Final Accounts Preparation (AQ2016)
FAPR Session 1. Framework and structures (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
FAPR Session 2. Incomplete records accounting (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
FAPR Session 3. Sole trader financial statements (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
FAPR Session 4. Partnership financial statements (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
FAPR Session 5 & 6. Changes in partnerships & Introduction to company financial statements (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
Final Accounts Preparation (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Indirect Tax (AQ2016)
IDRX Session 1. Introduction to VAT (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
IDRX Session 2. VAT and business documents (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
IDRX Session 3. Inputs and outputs and special schemes (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AAT L.3 Indirect Tax session 4 00:00:00
AAT L.3 Indirect Tax session 5 00:00:00
Advanced Bookeeping - September 2018
AAT Level 3 – AVBK Session 1. Questions_and_Answers (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AAT Level 3 – AVBK Session 2. Questions and answers (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AAT Level 3 – AVBK Session 6 Questions and Answers ( Artur Mager) 00:00:00
AAT L.3 Final Accounts Preparation September 2018 Questions and Answers ( Artur Mager)
AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3) – Final Accounts Preparation (FAPR) Partnership changes ( Artur Mager) part 4 00:00:00
  • £700.00


The AAT Accounting qualification provides the perfect pathway to a successful career in finance and accountancy. We are one of the UK’s leading AAT providers and offer students a unique mix of practical expertise with vital theoretical teaching. Whether you’re a school-leaver, re-training or returning to work, our courses offer the ideal route into accountancy.

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