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AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in AccountingAAT-LOGO

The Basic AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate Accounting Course is a work pass for an accounting position. Completing the course and successfully passing the exam guarantees an AAT Certificate which is recognized all over the world and entitles you to practice Accounting and Finance.

The aim of the course is to familiarize trainees with the basic principles of accounting and finance and explore initial accounting practices and processes. It allows trainees to match general ledger accounts that include entries on the balance sheet that affect the production of accurate turnover figures including profit and loss and account balance sheet statements.

Who is the AAT Level 2 course for?

The AAT Level 2 Basic Bookkeeping Course is designed for people who want to start a career and are keen to dynamically develop their career and obtain an AAT Certificate that is highly respected by employers.

The course is based on a wide number of exercises in the accounting process: accounts data entry, recording, taxes, balance sheet work. As a result of this course you will gain knowledge of all the potential issues that confront every accountant and the steps necessary for the best performing outcome. This course will allow you to understand the language used in accounting and also improve your business English comprehension and communication skills.

When preparing these courses, we focused on overall comprehension with the easiest delivery methods of the material. Based on our training experience, we have built a level of knowledge focussing on the most common questions that former trainees have had in order to maximize the learning process.

Here are the main skills that you will acquire having completed the course:

– Processing of payment orders.

– Preparation of invoices.

– Bank reconciliation.

– Bank procedures.

The students’ task will be:

– Check and correct errors resulting from inaccurate / incomplete / missing book and journal entries,

– Ensure the correct allocation of fixed assets,

– Prepayments, accruals, bad debts and predictable receivables,

– Preparing individual accounts in purchase and sales books,

– Preparation of control accounts of the purchase register and control accounts of the trading book,

– Completing a company balance sheet.

Basic Course Program

The Basic Course consists of 2 modules:

– Bookkeeping Transactions

– Bookkeeping Controls


After each completed module you will have to take the AAT exam in computer format – there are a total of 2 exams.

After successfully passing the exams you will receive an AAT Certificate – this authorizes you to work in accounting.

As a student at Sepera College, you will be able to pass these exams at a very attractive price! after purchasing our membership for £85


The course will be completed with the award of an AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) Certificate.

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is an international organization founded in the United Kingdom which entitles the graduate to enter the professional field of Finance and Accounting.

AAT boasts a long history of certifying graduates who are highly valued by employers and by providing specialists where needed. Students who complete the AAT course have the option of exempting certain exams from organisations such as ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW, CIPFA or CPA. Thus they may quickly move up the ladder to the position of a chartered accountant.

Teaching method:

Online – after purchasing the course you have immediate access to the student panel, where you have complete availability to all the relevant materials. Each lesson contains video instruction materials and the necessary exercises in PDF format to which you have access 24 hours a day.


Do you have any questions?

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Course Curriculum

Course introduction
Osborne ebooks Level 2 – AAT Bookkeeping 00:00:00
Osborn ebooks 00:00:00
Bookkeeping Transactions (AQ2016)
BTRN Session 1. Accounting system and financial documents (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 2. Double-entry and the accounting equation (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 3. Accounting for sales, returns, and discounts (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 4. Process documents from suppliers (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 5. Accounting for purchases, returns, and discounts (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 6. Cash book (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 7. Petty cash book (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 8. The initial trial balance (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
Bookkeeping Transactions (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Bookkeeping Controls (AQ2016)
BKCL Session 1. Payment methods and bank balance (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BKCL Session 2. Bank reconciliation statements (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BKCL Session 3. Control accounts (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BKCL Session 4. The journal (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BKCL Session 5. The trial balance and correction of errors (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
Bookkeeping Controls (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Bookkeeping Controls Assessment ( Vincent Miller) 00:00:00
  • £410.00


The AAT Accounting qualification provides the perfect pathway to a successful career in finance and accountancy. We are one of the UK’s leading AAT providers and offer students a unique mix of practical expertise with vital theoretical teaching. Whether you’re a school-leaver, re-training or returning to work, our courses offer the ideal route into accountancy.

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