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This qualification is suitable for young people who have just left school as well as for adults returning to work after a break or for anyone wishing to change career. The Foundation Certificate is open to those who are working and those who are not currently in employment. This qualification could also help someone who is already working in an entry-level finance role to progress in their career by offering them development and formal recognition of their skills.


DURATION: 4 to 5 months

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: No formal qualifications are required at this level


Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the course you will be qualified for jobs in accounting such as, working as a Financial Accounts Assistant or a purchase ledger and will be able to get your career off to a brilliant start earning up to £25,000.

You will be accepted onto the Level 3 Diploma – the next step to achieving fully qualified Accounting Technician status with opportunity for better earning potential.


This Course Will Suite You If

• you work in accounts and would like a formal qualification in the field
• you would like to acquire new skills to help with a change in your career
• you’re a school leaver looking for an introduction to accounting and finance
• you are not currently in employment or training and you need workplace skills
• you would like to go on to be an AAT full member or study for chartered status.


How To Join

  • You can pay online now by clicking ‘Take this Course’ button above and proceed to the checkout.
  • Call us at  02038657964 to book a course over phone or visit the college for more information.
  • You can also book selected units and pay fee by unit at the start date of each unit, but it is cheaper to book the course in full.
  • You may also request a call back for more information.

Course Curriculum

Course introduction
Osborn ebooks 00:00:00
AAT Level 2 00:00:00
Bookkeeping Transactions (AQ2016)
BTRN Session 1. Accounting system and financial documents (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 2. Double-entry and the accounting equation (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 3. Accounting for sales, returns and discounts (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 4. Process documents from suppliers (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 5. Accounting for purchases, returns, and discounts (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 6. Cash book (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 7. Petty cash book (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BTRN Session 8. The initial trial balance (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
Bookkeeping Transactions (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Bookkeeping Controls (AQ2016)
BKCL Session 2. Bank reconciliation statements (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BKCL Session 3. Using control accounts (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BKCL Session 4. The journal (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
BKCL Session 5. The trial balance and correction of errors (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
Bookkeeping Controls (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Elements of Costing (AQ2016)
Elements of Costing (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Using Accounting Software (AQ2016)
Using Accounting Software (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Work Effectively in Finance (AQ2016)
WEFN Session 1. The finance function – roles and responsibilities (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
WEFN Session 2. Financial information, documentation and data security (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
WEFN Session 3. Effective business communications (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
WEFN Session 4. Calculations and spreadsheets (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
WEFN Session 5. Planning and managing your work (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
WEFN Session 6. Interpersonal skills and teamwork (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
WEFN Session 7. Ethics, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (Artur Mager) 00:00:00
Work Effectively in Finance (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Foundation Synoptic assessment (AQ2016)
Foundation Synoptic assessment (Additional resources) 00:00:00
Work Effectively in Finance - September 2018
WEFN Saturday Class ( Vincent Miller) 00:00:00
Elements of Costing - September 2018
Elements of Costings ( Vincent Miller) 00:00:00
AAT L.2 Elements of Costing ( Iza Drabik) 00:00:00
AAT L.2 Bookkeeping Transaction - September 2018
AAT L.2 Bookkeeping Transaction Revision ( Vincent Miller) 00:00:00
AAT L.2 Bookkeeping Transactions Continuation ( Vincent Miller) 00:00:00
AAT L.2 Bookkeeping Transations Questions and Answers ( Vincent Miller) 00:00:00
AAT L.2 Bookkeeping Controls ( Vincent Miller)
AAT L.2 Bookkeeping Controls Journals 00:00:00
AAT L.2 Bookkeeping Controls Journals corrections of errors 00:00:00
AAT L.2 Bookkeeping Controls Assessment 00:00:00
Using Accounting Software 2019 ( Iza Drabik)
Using Accounting Software Introduction 00:00:00
Using Accounting Software part 1 00:00:00
Using Accounting Software part 2 00:00:00
  • £1,050.00

Gwarancja zwrotu pieniedzy w ciagu 30 dni


The AAT Accounting qualification provides the perfect pathway to a successful career in finance and accountancy. We are one of the UK’s leading AAT providers and offer students a unique mix of practical expertise with vital theoretical teaching. Whether you’re a school-leaver, re-training or returning to work, our courses offer the ideal route into accountancy.

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